Saturday, August 13, 2022

Wildlife Wednesday: Wild Water Buffalo

This Wildlife Wednesday, learn why there may be no purebred wild water buffalo left in the world.Habitat: India and AsiaWater buffalo triviaAlso called Asian buffalo, wild water buffalo can weigh up t

What's in the Package?

You want to buy healthier meat and dairy products that have lower environmental impact. Checking the labels, you\'re confronted with a barrage of terms: grass fed, natural, and organic.You want to buy

5 Standing Ab Moves You Haven’t Tried

Working your abs on the floor is so old school! Forget countless reps of crunches that can bother your back—get up off the floor to work your core more effectively (and burn more calories in the
Change is in the air, my friends. The days are getting shorter. The air is getting crisper. The trees are exploding with vibrant colors. Ahhhhhh Autumn. It’s my favorite season of all. But as so
Our 5-minute workouts feature big-bang-for-your-buck exercises that work multiple muscle groups—some moves work the cardiovascular system, as well. Because they’re so efficient and over before y
Many of us experience knee pain as some point, either because of injury, disease (arthritis) or age (any of us over 40 has felt a twinge or two!). And many of you share that you cannot do a squa