The Grey T

I wasn’t sure if  I was going to venture into blogging about my love for fashion, mostly because I don’t like taking pictures of myself but also because I wouldn’t exactly call myself a fashionista (do fashion people even call themselves that?). Bloggers like Lauren Elizabeth give me hope that you can blog about your clothes without taking yourself too seriously or feeling like your fashion taste has to be something new and out of the box. The thing I like most about Lauren’s style is that she’s classic. She definitely has some statement necklaces and unique tops, but mainly she is about timeless pieces that weather the storms of  ever-changing trends. I’d like to think that Lauren and I have that in common. I ere on the edge of maybe too many timeless pieces. Too many plain or striped t-shirts and too many great jeans in the same exact wash. I got my obsession with “the simple” from my mom. She literally has an entire drawer dedicated to white tops. (One. whole. drawer). All this to say I don’t want to blog about my fashion because I think I have superior taste but because I think simple taste is probably pretty relatable. Fashion magazines are fun to look at but they aren’t that practical for the average woman. First of all, the average woman is not a size zero, or even a size 4. The average woman doesn’t have thousands of dollars to spend on $200 tops. The average woman is going to the store or a friends house, not the red carpet. And last but not least, the average woman doesn’t have an endless amount of time to get ready in the morning – especially you moms out there. I’m pretty sure most moms are just thrilled when they get to take a shower (or is that just me?). So my fashion posts will be an ode to the average woman. Cute but casual is my motto for almost everyday and so when I do get a chance to get out of my pajamas I’ll try to give you a peek into what I spend my days in.

The shirt I have on in this picture is a recent find from Forever 21. I actually saw it when I was checking out and it audibly called my name. I didn’t even try it on (which is usually a cardinal rule for me). Loose and comfy t-shirts are my go-to for days at home with my little man. Your not too worried about getting smashed banana on it, but with some cute sandals its prefect for a run to the grocery store. If I want to wear it out for coffee with a friend I can add a scarf or sweater. The possibilities are endless really. So here’s to the classic grey tee. Whats your go-to for days at home?

2 thoughts on “The Grey T

  1. I love my thin, long sleeve “Tshirts”. Not sure if they’re T’s or just thin shirts. Anybody know what I’m talking about? 🙂 There’s nothing as cozy as thin cotton hugging your arms tightly and pulling the sleeves all the way to my knuckles. Mmm!

  2. If it is cool outside, I also love the long sleeve tees that you can pull around your hands. So comfy! Otherwise, my go to is one of my husband’s old shirts from his skating days.

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