Empire State of Mind: The Sites

nyc2I love New York City. When I lived in Philly I made it to the Big Apple at least once a year but I’ve only been back once since living in DC. I had been itching to visit for a while now and last weekend my amazing husband gave me the weekend off so I could have a getaway in New York with a friend. The friend that I went with had never been to NYC before so I was excited to get to see her experience the city. There is nothing like your first time in NYC. I went for the first time for my 18th birthday with three great friends. We had no money of course and so we ended up staying at a church in Brooklyn since my dad knew a pastor there. We literally slept in the balcony of the sanctuary on an air mattress and showered in the small shower in the pastors office. It was unconventional to say the least but we didn’t care. I’m also not sure how we didn’t end up getting kidnapped that first trip. We spent a lot of hours on Canal Street where they sell all the knock-offs. On more than one occasion we ended up down an alley in some random basement looking at fake bags. Not my proudest moment. but it was an experience. This trip we hit all the big tourist sites, ate some good food and did some shopping. Even though I had seen most of the places before, just being in New York is inspiring.

SONY DSCThe last few times I had visited I didn’t get to see the progress on the Freedom Tower. This time we got to go down by the two reflection pools at the 9/11 Memorial and the Freedom Tower (above) looks like it almost done! It’s a beautiful building. I had seen the pools on TV  the last couple of years during the 9/11 memorial specials but it was really sobering being right there. It was good a reminder that we are not promised tomorrow.

SONY DSCTimes Square was a highlight for me, only because it was so fun seeing my friend witness the chaos for the first time. I’ve been there more times than I can count but it’s still quite a site to see.

SONY DSCOh Central Park. This is one of the places I really wanted to go. For some reason on all my trips I’ve never spent a ton of time in Central Park. This was my first time seeing the big lake and it was beautiful. There is something so odd about having such a large, gorgeous park in the middle of the “concrete jungle”.

SONY DSCAll in all the trip was a big success. You can’t beat a kid-free time away with a sweet friend. I’m writing about our trip in more than one post since I had so many pictures. Look out for the other posts in the next few weeks! Do you have any crazy New York stories?

4 thoughts on “Empire State of Mind: The Sites

  1. Can’t Wait For The Next Post. Love This Post!♥ And It Looks Like Ya’ll Was Having Lots Of Fun!:D I Hope I Get To Visit NYC One Day!:)

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