Empire State of Mind: The Food

While food is on our brain this week, I thought I would look back at some of the amazing food we had in New York. Our actual first meal in New York was a deliciously oily piece of pizza which I regrettably didn’t take a picture of, but you will just have to take my word for it. Yum! Our next meal was at this charming little Italian restaurant in Soho. It had recently opened and the cute lady in this picture lured us in with her Italian accent. She had just arrived in the states to help her friend open this new restaurant. She was so sweet and a very good sales lady. I’m a sucker for good atmosphere and this place felt like we had just walked into a little corner of Milan. Our food was pretty yummy. Mine was a little on the salty side but still good.

The reason we were even in Soho was because we wanted to go get Cronuts at the Dominique Ansel Bakery, so after our little Italy experience we headed over there. Unfortunately all the Cronuts we already gone for the day but they had a huge selection of delicious treats to try and so we did.


SONY DSCMy friend tried the Nutella Sweet Bread. We are still trying to figure out where the Nutella is but however they incorporated it, it was so good!

SONY DSCI tried the “Magic Soufflé” which was also really good.  Although I really wanted to try their Frozen S’more. This is the description of it on the menu, “our signature honey marshmallow wrapped around a Tahitian vanilla ice cream with chocolate wafer crisps, served on a smoked willow wood branch and torched to order”. Sounds like they made it just for me! But it was cold outside so I passed.

SONY DSCOur last stop before we headed home was Sarabeth’s right outside Central Park. The food was really good but in my opinion not worth the astronomical wait. We did however have a super sweet waitress that almost made up for standing in line for 50 minutes…almost. I had the french toast with a yummy apple chutney. Breakfast food is my favorite food to eat out. I’m not sure why but I LOVE going out for brunch.

SONY DSCso there you have it. A peak into our trip via all the delicious food! Do you have any favorite places to eat when you’re in New York. I would love suggestions for my next trip! Oh and Happy Thanksgiving. We should try to cultivate a heart of gratefulness all year long, but Thanksgiving is a great reminder. Praise the Lord for all his good gifts-including food!

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