Bangles, Watches, and Chains. Oh My!

(above: Watch-Etsy, bow bangle-Kate Spade Outlet, Cream and gold bangle-old)

I love accessorizing. I’m not really attracted to many bold, flashy clothes so most of my closet is pretty plain. When I go into a store I usually come out with some variation of something I already have. Another solid color T-shirt or another striped sweater. What can I say, I like what I like. But accessorizing gives me the chance to add some spice to my outfits. I feel like over the years I’ve gotten better at choosing my accessories and one of the things I love doing is stacking bracelets. Honestly I never really thought of doing this until I met my sister-in-law. She is the queen of stacking bracelets and as the queen I thought who better to give some tips than the royal highness herself. But first let me tell you why she is so qualified to speak on such a subject.

Meet Chelsea: My dear sister-in-law is a fabulous stylist and of course the most stylish person I’ve ever met. She wears things I would never pick out and makes it look amazing. She’s got that special fashion eye that can immediately see the potential or lack of potential in any item. As I mentioned, she is the queen of stacking bracelets. When I first met her I remember always being drawn to the multiplicity of bracelets on her arm. No matter what the combination, it always looked great. I started channeling my inner Chelsea and now I’m hooked. But no body does it quite like her so I asked her to give us tips and examples. Here is what Chelsea has to say:

“In the last couple of years it’s become popular for women to stack lots of bracelets on at a time…but I’ve been doing this since high school 🙂 My friends laughed at me when I kept adding to my stack after every special occasion when I got a new bracelet. The best part is that there is no real “formula” to making your arm stack look great; just throw on your favorite pieces and go!! For my everyday look, I tend to go a little simple and just wear my watch with a few complimentary bangles. When I’m getting dressed up and going out, I tend to really get crazy and creative and throw on anything that makes me feel good!!”

Here are some examples she picked out!


Photo credit and description from Chelsea: Top Left: (google image) This is an amped up look that really stands out with her all black look!! Top right: Blair from always does a great job mixing pieces and making it look glamorous and effortless. Bottom Left: @juneambrose (Stylist to the stars) makes a great statement with this simple stack! Bottom Right: (google image) This casual look is amped up with this great mix!

Big thanks to Chelsea for chiming in on this important subject. Please go bug her on twitter (@chelseaAB) and tell her to start a fashion blog! 🙂 

Happy Stacking!

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