Bread and Butterfly

Allow me to introduce you to one of my favorite spots in Atlanta. First of all, they had me at the name, how cute its Bread & Butterfly? I discovered this place on someone’s Instagram page a year or so ago. I’m pretty sure I tried it out on the strength of the name alone. But it totally lives up to the name. They do in fact serve bread and it was delightful, just like butterflies…ummm…moving on.

This little European inspired bistro has so many things that I love—dark, moody walls, gold accents, huge industrial windows and funky tile. If you read about our trip to London you know that for me, the aesthetics of a restaurant rival the food for importance. I love places that have the ability to transport you, in this case, it feels like you could be on a street corner in Paris.

But if you are the kind of person that goes to a restaurant for the food (who even does that?), you will love this place too. The menu is small, and I’ve never been here for dinner, but what I have had is delicious. I almost always get the quiche and their truffle fries are divine. As I’m writing this, I am sipping on some delicious lavender earl grey tea, that I first discovered here.


If Bread & Butterfly has a flaw, it’s that they don’t have wifi. I definitely would stow away for a few hours here if I could get some work done. I want it to have more of a coffee house vibe but it’s definitely more restaurant-y. Instead, I frequently order some tea, snag a table on the patio and read for a while. I’m pretty sure you will enjoy escaping here for a while too!

I’d love to hear what restaurants you love, especially if you live in Atlanta!


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