Home Tour: Green Goodness

I’ve spent many hours roaming the Pinterest halls of the internet, gawking at beautiful rooms and houses. In fact, it is one of my favorite pass times. Luckily, bringing a home to life through interior design is something that many people get to pretend to be good at using their own home as a guinea pig. I’m definitely one of those people. But let’s be honest, 90% of those inspiration pictures we save are either out of our budget or out of our skill set. So when I get a chance to experience one of those Pinterest perfect homes IRL, I do what any self-respecting design lover would do—walk around and stare at things. In this case, though, this beautiful home belongs to one of my closest friends. When we hang out at her house I have to pretend like I’m not obsessing over every detail and play it cool. Just kidding, I obviously was so in love that I asked her if I could shoot her house and put it on my blog. She loves me so much she actually said yes.

My friend and her husband found this charming house in Atlanta built in 1974 and did just the most beautiful renovation. With the help of contractor Harry Conley and the very talented designer Britt Sheilds, they brought their vision to life in about nine weeks.

I think it’s both warm and inviting while still making bold design statements. It feels like that friend you have with really great style. They somehow effortlessly make any outfit work. This house is a show stopper, without feeling like it’s trying too hard. My favorite part is how they carried that lovely emerald-y green color throughout the house. Or maybe it’s the indoor swing?? Too many things to love to choose. Without further ado, please enjoy this little tour.


If you love the feel of this house, go follow @pennysheilds for more inspiration.

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