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3 Ways Headscarves Can Help You Get More From Fashion After 50

As you
get older, you might feel that you need to tone down your look. That shouldn’t
be the case. On the contrary, you should embrace this new season of life with
fun and fashionable looks and accessories that highlight your unique sense of

A good
example of a versatile accessory piece that you can try is headscarves. They
can instantly elevate your outfit to a fabulous new level.

today’s video, Margaret talks to Suzi Grant of Alternative Ageing about
classy ways to use this fierce and fashionable accessory.

Why Choose Headscarves

loves headscarves. They are her fashion staple. And it’s not hard to see why.
There are several reasons why scarves make great accessories.

First of
all, they are very budget-friendly! Scarves are available at all price points,
and you can find beautiful ones in vintage and thrift shops for really cheap.

from being inexpensive, scarves are incredibly diverse. They can look elegant,
fun, and even sophisticated based on their patterns and how you use them.

They are
functional too. Scarves are the perfect way to highlight a great hairdo or hide
a bad one! They can also cover your roots if you are in between salon visits.

1 Simple Headscarf, 3 Different Ways

The best
thing about headscarves is how versatile they are. If you change the way you
wear them you can change the way they accentuate your look. Here are three
simple and stylish ways to wear headscarves.

The Top Knot

This easy
style gives you a pop of sophisticated glam. Just fold your square scarf and
tie two succeeding knots down the middle. Then position the knots on top of
your head and tie the scarf at the nape of your neck. The knots on top give you
a trendy and playful look.

Side Swept

ready to head to the South of France with this classic look. Just fold your
scarf diagonally and tie it around your head knotting at the nape of your neck.
Then slide the scarf to the side until the ends are hanging over one shoulder.
Add a pair of sunglasses and you’ve got that holiday vibe.

The Wide Headband

If you
have longer scarves or sarongs, this look is for you! First fold your long
scarf or sarong. Then place it on top of your head wrapping it under your hair,
and bringing it back up to the top of the head. Knot the scarf at the top of
your head tucking the ends of the scarf into the sides. You can widen the
headband by pulling the scarf apart to cover more of your head.

A Fun Fashion Must-Have

are practical and fashionable. Whether you choose to wear them in a simple,
quirky, or sophisticated way, they can instantly add style to your outfit of
the day.

Do you love headscarves? What’s your favorite
way of wearing them? Share your favorite fashion accessories and must-haves
with us in the discussion below!

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