Sunday, June 4, 2023

Hairstyles for Women Over 60: What Do You Think of Helen Mirren's Pink Hair?

One of the best things about being 60 is that you don’t need to worry about what people think any more. The same goes for hairstyles for women over 60. You can wear clothes that make you feel great, change your hair as much as you want and pursue your passions, no matter how unique or impractical.

One of my favorite things is meeting women who refuse to be put in a box – women who break the mold, without “trying too hard.”

What Can Helen Mirren Teach Us About Hairstyles for Women Over 60?

Perhaps that why I’ve always been fascinated by Helen Mirren. Like many of my favorite women, she is confident, strong and a bit of a “wild child.” She experiments with haircuts and hair colors. A while ago, she even sported a pink hairdo that everyone loved.

She is confident, creative and a risk taker. Opinionated, unpredictable, and elegantly bohemian, she embodies the quirky, individualism of women over 60.

Over the years, like many women in our community, Mirren has experimented with numerous hairstyles. Her hair has been short, long, curly, straight, blond, grey and now… pink! I personally love the fact that Helen Mirren isn’t afraid to experiment with different styles.

She still cares about her appearance, but, she cares more about expressing her personality. I’m sure that many of us can relate to this.

Helen Mirren’s Pink Hair – “My Cup of Tea” or “Not for Me?”

Since I know that many women in our community are also Helen Mirren fans, I’m curious whether you love her pink hair. Or do you prefer a more class blonde look on her?

Regardless of what you think about Helen Mirren’s hair, it’s clear to me that we need more positive examples like her. Women like Helen remind us that life after 60 should be a celebration. It should be a time to express ourselves and live the way that we want to!

What do you think about Helen Mirren’s pink hair? Which style or color hair do you have? Please join the conversation.

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