Sunday, September 24, 2023

Julia Malacoff




How to Conquer Feeling “Unfit” or...

Exercising is a key component of any healthy lifestyle. But it’s easy to fall off the bandwagon and lose your fitness, only to have to start back at square one. Since the gym can be an intimidat

5 Rules For Better Kettlebell Swings

If you want stronger glutes, hamstrings and back muscles (and who wouldn’t?), then you should be doing kettlebell swings, expert trainers say. “It’s also a great exercise for core strength,” add

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Most people think of swimming or even pool running as the main way to exercise in a pool, but walking can actually be a great option. As a go-to workout for many physical therapists and trainers

Everything You Need to Know About...

Whether at the gym, a race or a physical therapist’s office, you’ve probably seen kinesiology tape before. Usually, it looks like colorful strips of tape placed in patterns over shoulder blades,

7 Scenarios When Not Working Out...

Most of the time, we hear you should fit in your workout no matter what. Even if you’re tired, a little under the weather or simply just don’t feel like exercising, you should make it happen. No

8 No-Fail Tips For Getting Fit...

It’s one thing to consciously take a break from your workout routine, but no one likes being sidelined from exercise due to something outside their control. Getting sick or injured can mean a fe