Monday, October 2, 2023

Kevin Gray




How to Use Progressive Muscle Relaxation...

Stress is an unavoidable part of life. Between work, financial obligations, relationships, health and global issues, it’s a common condition. But if too much chronic stress builds up, and you do

5 Great Things About Working Out...

If ropes terrified you in your childhood gym class, well, it’s probably because you were asked to climb them. But now that your days of compulsory climbing are over, you can look at ropes in a w

5 Great Things About Working Out...

Walk into your average gym, and you’ll see dozens of different tools at your disposal. You’ve got cardio and weight machines available in seemingly every variety imaginable. Then you’ve got trie

10 Water Sports to Torch up...

Summer is officially upon us, and with all this sunshine and heat comes opportunities to vanquish both in the water. Whether it’s swimming laps in the pool, playing a sport or skiing around a la

5 Great Things About Recovery Days

Whether you’re an avid runner, cyclist or yogi or you prefer the variety afforded by a big box gym, there’s something we all have in common: the need for a good recovery day. Taking one or two d

6 Signs to Know You Got...

Your workout has just ended, and you’re tired, sweaty and sore. That means you got a great workout, right? Well … not so fast. When measuring exercise success, sweating isn’t always a reliable i