Thursday, June 1, 2023

Melissa Paine




Set the Stage for Success

Set the Stage for SuccessTips for a smooth transition back to schoolFor parents putting bright-eyed students on the bus for the very first time and for seasoned moms and dads who know the drill inside

4 Myths about Emergency Preparedness

4 Myths about Emergency PreparednessAs many as 40 percent of American families do not have a family emergency plan in place, according to Save the Children®, a non-profit organization dedicated to giv

Celebrate the Sweet Things in Life

Celebrate the Sweet Things in LifeDay-to-day life is filled with one activity after another, from work meetings and school functions to play dates and sporting events. Schedules are busy, to-do lists

5 Tips for Transitioning Back to...

5 Tips for Transitioning Back to Work After a BabyFor many moms, heading back to work after maternity leave is something that has always been a part of the plan, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. This

Protect Your Kids at Home

Protect Your Kids at HomeEvery year, more than 2,200 children die from injuries that occur at home, according to estimates from Safe Kids Worldwide. While every parent knows that accidents can and do

How to Navigate a Financial Emergency

How to Navigate a Financial EmergencyYour washing machine suddenly breaks down, a child requires a laptop for school or your car needs new tires. Sometimes surprise bills can be difficult to cover. Li