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Planks are great, but you can’t create a strong, firm core from planks alone. You need a toolbox of exercises to pull from for some variation in your routine. Need a new move to try before you h

5-Move Arm and Ab Workout

These moves tighten and tone two areas you’ll want to show off when you hit the beach. Plus, your core will get stronger, giving you better balance. Mahri Relin, founder of Body Conceptions stud

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We’ve all had those intense lower body workouts that leave you beyond sore, when just the thought of moving hurts. Rest easy though—these stretches will open up your hips, groin, and legs, makin

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Pilates is a fantastic low-impact workout that strengthens your entire body, but it’s particularly effective at strengthening abs. We asked Amanda Masarjian, Miami-based Pilates instructor to cr

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Whether it’s from your desk job or just a really long drive, you can ease those aches with these expert-recommended exercises. You know that feeling—probably around 4 P.M.—when everything from y

Increase Hip Mobility with This Move

Stuck at a desk all day? This is the one move you must do. There’s no denying it: Sitting all day wreaks havoc on your hips. And it’s not just resulting in minor aches and pains—over time, this