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3 Workout Swaps to Burn More Calories

The top two excuses for avoiding exercise: a lack of time and reduced motivation as the result of poor results from previous weight-loss attempts. It’s true that in this hustle-and-bustle world,

MFP Users Reveal the Simple Thing That’s Helped Them Lose Weight

We asked MyFitnessPal users to share the most valuable lesson (or lessons) they’ve learned after losing weight successfully. Not surprisingly, counting calories and exercising were common respon

Can You Train Your Body to Burn More Fat?

When you’re exercising for weight loss, what you’re really doing is exercising for fat loss. Seems pretty simple, right? So wouldn’t it be great if you could train your body to burn more fat dur

4 Reasons Why Your Cardio Addiction Won’t Help You Lose Weight

Attention, cardio bunnies: Your sweat style might actually be what’s standing in between you and your fitness and weight-loss goals. Do you usually spend your gym time bopping up and down on the

9 Practical Weight­ Management Tips Inspired by Japan

When it comes to living the longest, and the healthiest, the Japanese are Number 1 — quite literally. Children born in Japan today enjoy the best life expectancy of any country in the world: 84

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